Teaching &Lectures

Melissa Mason is an energetic, dynamic speaker and passionate quilting teacher. She has taught quilting classes and workshops for years and delights in helping her students learn new skills, discover unexplored sources of information, and unlock the creativity within them. She is available to speak to quilt guilds and at quilt shops, offering lectures, workshops, and trunk shows. Please contact her at the e-mail address above for rates and schedule.

***Melissa is currently available for lectures and webinars using Zoom or similar platforms. She will not be booking any in-person workshops this year. Please take a look at class offerings below, updated to fit an online format.

Do you love how paper piecing allows you creativity in your quilt design but you're not sure how to get from the image you want to make to a ready to make paper pieced pattern? This webinar will walk you through the fundamentals of designing your own FPP block, with practice printables and personal guidance. It will open up a whole new world of creativity!


Curating the Perfect Palette


Paper Piecing Design

Despite our giant fabric stashes, many quilters get stuck when it comes to choosing what to use for their new project, especially when it comes to solids and color forward prints. In this webinar, you'll learn some easy tips help you choose colors that work, look for inspiration to curate the perfect palette, and even create your signature color story.

This class is great for confident beginners to intermediate foundation paper piecers. Hone your FPP skills by working in real time on the blocks in the popular Terra quilt. You will learn the secrets and shortcuts to a perfect paper piece, ask all the questions that have bugged you about FPP, and come out with a finished succulent block for your quilt.


Quilt Your Story- Finding Inspiration in Your Culture


Paper Piecing- Terra Quilt

Unlock your creativity by making design personal. In this webinar, I will show you where to look to uncover inspiration in your own culture and history. We will explore the impact of culture on art and how to reference respectfully. You will be guided on a design journey where you will take your inspiration through the design process to a fully conceived quilt.

Curves are so versatile and fun to play with! Stop being afraid of them and learn how to use orange peels, drunkard's paths, half and full circles without fear. I'll show you tips, tricks, and products that will make piecing curves so much simpler. 


Playing With Curves